Curt intro

stereo brain

I have been waiting, watching and analyzing what I see for over 20 years and kept out of the public eye. Now the time has come to reveal myself.

My brain is cross-dominant - meaning I am half left handed and half right handed. Less than 1% of people have both sides of their brain dominant. Most people are right handed and less than 10% are left handed.

My brain has been exposed to music and stimulated by it from birth, as both my parents were musicians and teachers.

I also started music lessons early and kept playing real music instruments.

In my early twenties, I took a series of LSD trips that bridged some mental connections and helped me evolve some insight into a lot of things. I'll share that here in song and on my blog with words.

Few were willing to listen to me 20 years ago, but I kept writing songs and recording them when I could. For all that time, I have also eaten super healthy food and done cardio exercise 5 days a week - so I maintain a very sharp memory. I also seem to be a super ager. So I will carry on.

Proto - Millennial

My generation of people is the Baby Boomers. I still believe the 1960's were a true Modern Renaissance period in many ways. I am very proud of the music, art and counter culture of that era. 

However, we have been failing our progressive roots for a very long time.

There are still some proudly liberal Boomers, but most of us were willfully assimilated by the Corp Borg long ago.

I relate generally more to Millennials in opinions and attitudes and I have always been so oriented.

Being older now, I have the benefit of having a lot of experience and I know a lot about politics, music, human nature, healthy eating, and exercise. I am going to make this knowledge available here over time. 

I'll Be Curt

the truth is, we don't have a lot of time as a people to get it together and fly right.

We have Anthropomorphic Climate Change and Overpopulation imminent.

Both lethal people problems.

I am a flawed mortal human being, no better than anyone else. However, my brain is wired differently than most. My brain is a gift, and I have learned a lot - especially when to ask the right questions to learn what I don't know.

I'll write and record new songs and write essays on my blog and try to stimulate some awareness. I will also remix and remaster every recording I did from the past. I want to write some books too. 

I will post essays at

I hope to find my audience with today's technology and progressive movements.

If you want to support my efforts, please check out my page at